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What nonstick pans are used on chopped

What Non-Stick Pans Are Used On ‘Chopped’?

Food connoisseurs, epicures, and food fanatics all over the world tune in to the Food Network to watch “Chopped,” which is indeed a one-of-a-kind show. “Chopped” is a reality-based television cooking game show series. The host of the show is Ted Allen. The show has been airing since 2009 The[…]

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How to make a pan nonstick again

How to Make a Pan Non-Stick Again

There are some items in your cooking arsenal that you just can’t do without. Frying pans are one of them. They can be used for making a variety of different dishes; eggs, pancakes, and so many other dishes are easy to make with the help of a frying pan. Buying[…]

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Cuisinart 62230G chefs classis nonstick pan

Cuisinart 622-30g Chef’s Classic Non-stick Pan Review

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 12-inch skillet is new age cookware that is built with Quantanium® and is 100% aluminum free. The pan is hard anodized, meaning the natural oxidation has been controlled and the lasting result is an extremely durable corrosion resistant surface. The Quantanium® non-stick interior cooking surface is reinforced[…]

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Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick fry pan

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Fry Pan Set Review

When selecting a nonstick frying pan, you have to consider not only the price or the brand name, but its overall build, design, features, and quality as well. You do not just purchase the first nonstick item you see online, or in the cookware section of the department store. You[…]

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Ozeri Stone Earth pan

Ozeri Stone Earth Pan Review

In this review, we are going to discuss Ozeri’s Stone Earth Pan. This is a nonstick model which uses Stonehenge, a natural coating that is derived from stone. It is manufactured in Germany and is guaranteed 100% PFOA-free, plus it promises to uphold its job of delivering an excellent nonstick[…]

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Tramontina Professional restaurant fry pan

Tramontina 80114/535DS Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan Review

Looking for a good nonstick frying pan? Let us introduce you to Tramontina’s 80114/535DS Professional Nonstick model. For individuals who love to cook, Tramontina is one of the trusted brands available who design and manufacture nonstick cookware. Nonstick cookware is the choice among many cooks and foodies these days due[…]

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Tfal E93808 professional total nonstick fry pan

T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Fry Pan

It cannot be denied that non-stick pans always sell like hotcakes. In the US alone, 70% of pans that are purchased in the country were found out to be of the non-stick kind. A good non-stick pan should be a snap to handle, durable and should be able to cook[…]

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Ceramic vs teflon handy guide

Ceramic vs. Teflon: A Handy Guide

There is a wider variety of nonstick cookware on the market now compared to the first time it was launched. There is an ongoing debate over ceramic nonstick vs. Teflon though. Ceramic nonstick items are favored by some while Teflon, the original nonstick material, is the popular choice among cooking[…]

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