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Induction Bottom Aluminum Non-stick Frying Pan Review

Induction bottom aluminum nonstick frying pan

Get more value for your money with Utopia Kitchen’s Induction Bottom Non-stick Frying-Pan. The 11” frying pan is the best in its class with the all-time favorite induction-bottom, which makes it versatile for cooking on any surface.

The frying pan is made of professional-grade 3003 aluminum alloy, and has a 2-layer non-stick interior that is durable and scratch resistant. It is safe for use with metal utensils. Comes with a grey body with a stylish Bakelite handle that creates a comfort grip which resists heat and scratches.


  • Product dimensions: 17.6” x 1.5” x 9.8” with 11” cooking space
  • Item weight: 2.9 lbs.
  • Versatility: Induction compatible and safe for other cooking methods
  • Handle: Heat and scratch-resistant Bakelite
  • PFOA, lead and cadmium free
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Tested induction bottom—suitable for all cooking surfaces
  • 2 Layer non-stick coating—durable
  • It is safe for use with metal utensils—scratch resistant
  • Bakelite handle that is both heat and scratch resistant
  • Value for money when compared to its counterparts
  • It is sold as a single item and as a part of a beautiful 10-piece set
  • PFOA, lead and cadmium free
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Available only in a single color
  • Comes without a lid
  • Not safe to use in the oven
  • Traditional Bakelite handles as opposed to the new-age silicone ones


This pan from Utopia Kitchen is made from superior food-grade 3003 aluminum, and is lead, cadmium and PFOA free. It comes with an induction base that makes it versatile for cooking on any surface. The base is heavy bottomed, which is very useful if you want to do some slow cooking.

It is available in 11” working space which is about the right size that can hold a good amount of cooking material in it, and yet also compact enough to carry it outdoor for camping or barbeque cooking. At just under 3 pounds, it is one of the lightest models available on the market.

The induction base helps in even cooking and therefore prevents hot spots. It comes with an ergonomically designed and stylish Bakelite handle that is heat proof and also scratch resistant. The package contains 1 frying pan, care and wash instructions. It is dishwasher safe up to 350° Fahrenheit.


Two other brands have similar features, Tefal and Maxware. All the three brands are induction compatible and made with professional-grade 3003 aluminum.

Tefal has a couple of options when it comes to size and utility. They have introduced a slinky new feature—“Thermo-Spot” technology, that indicates when the pan is at optimal temperature before you start cooking.

The available sizes are the 12.5” pan that can be used for sautéing and shallow frying, and has the Thermo-Spot feature. The 8”, 9.5”, and 11” omelet pan set do not have the Thermo-Spot feature. The biggest advantage of the Tefal pans would be that they are oven proof, which is probably the reason as to why it costs a lot more than the others.

The Maxware pan is built to North American Electrical Standards and has a hard anodized exterior. Their pan is an 8.5” skillet that is also versatile, but one standout feature would be that it comes with the glass lid, so that is very convenient if you are looking for a cook and store or cook and serve kind of pan.


An ideal frying pan for daily cooking. Value for money as it comes with a 2-layer non-stick durable coating. You can cut down the usage of oil for cooking because of the 2-layer non-stick coating and opt for a healthy lifestyle. It is scratch resistant and therefore metal-utensil friendly.

It is easy to clean as there is less or no food stuck to the bottom. Manufacturer recommends cooking at low to medium temperatures for ideal cooking and to extend the life of the product. It is dishwasher safe and hence, easy to clean.

It comes in a chic and modern shade of grey with a steel-finish induction base. The induction base is heavy bottomed and is perfect for long duration cooking. The size and the shape are ideal for a variety of cooking; from shallow frying to slow braising small portions of food.

The pan is well-designed, and comes with a heat and scratch-resistant handle. It looks stylish wherever it is used or stored, and is ideal for outdoor use as well.

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