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Ozeri Stone Earth Pan Review

Ozeri Stone Earth pan

In this review, we are going to discuss Ozeri’s Stone Earth Pan. This is a nonstick model which uses Stonehenge, a natural coating that is derived from stone. It is manufactured in Germany and is guaranteed 100% PFOA-free, plus it promises to uphold its job of delivering an excellent nonstick performance.

Nonstick pans without PFOA risks are always a good thing because this particular chemical has been labeled by the FDA as a carcinogen. For a review of the item, please read the rest below.


  • Makes use of a natural coating acquired from stones for a nonstick surface that is free from PFOA
  • Environment friendly and provides first-rate nonstick performance
  • Has scratch-resistant coating that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has free felt pan shield to avoid scratching and damage to the coating
  • Can be cleaned with warm soft cloth or paper towel


We like trying out new products from new brands and Ozeri is starting out in the business with their Stone Earth nonstick pan model. When it comes to appearance, the pan looks stylish and it has a design that definitely signifies being a “green” product.

It handles are finished with silicon and are quite comfortable to hold and work with. The handle has a stainless-steel base and is riveted to the pan, which was a nice surprise since riveted handles are typically only seen on expensive cookware.

It has a coating called Greblon, which is created in Germany. This kind of finish is free from harmful chemicals usually linked with nonstick coatings like PFOA and PTFE; thus, this one is absolutely safe to use.

The coating is scratch resistant as well and is ceramic based. The pan is designed from hard anodized aluminum, and it can be used on common stove tops, even induction stoves. The unit has a magnetized base meant for induction cooking so this is beneficial for induction cooking lovers.

We started out with the basic tests related to nonstick pans: the friend egg test. The pan heats up fast and the egg sizzled effectively as soon as we broke one on it. After some flips of the egg, we noticed that the ceramic surface of the item was slippery, which is a plus.

The egg came out evenly cooked, and after the frying, we experienced no issues sliding the food once cooking was accomplished. Hence the item worked exceptionally well in terms of its nonstick performance.

We tried a few foods on it as well from bacon to pancakes. As was with the eggs, we did not have any problems cooking said items; they slid and turned without any hassle. The pancake was provided with a nice golden brown color, and the bacon was crispy and decently done.

The pan has been used a number of times for 4 weeks and we can report back that it operated as the company has promised. The nonstick coating was top notch; it was completely free from abrasions or scratches and it was also a breeze to clean. Just wipe it up with a paper towel and you’re done.

The company has done excellent work on the frying pan. It lets users cook their meals with ease and it encourages healthy cooking as well, without the risks of PFOA and PTFE exposure. It has very good nonstick performance and guaranteed even heating; thus, for us, this should be on top of your nonstick cookware list.

The item is also backed by a 1-year warranty to let customers know that the company has absolute trust in the competence and efficiency of its product.


The Stone Earth Pan garnered high points from customers who are into eco-friendly products and nonstick cookware but thus far, it did not display any minus points, even from customers online.


Ozeri’s  Stone Earth Pan is worth your money and is the only thing we are going to say. Go for it and invest in the product now. This is a guaranteed great choice.

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