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T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Fry Pan

Tfal E93808 professional total nonstick fry pan

It cannot be denied that non-stick pans always sell like hotcakes. In the US alone, 70% of pans that are purchased in the country were found out to be of the non-stick kind. A good non-stick pan should be a snap to handle, durable and should be able to cook food evenly, and properly brown foods. Due to the flood of non-stick cookware on the market, finding one that will meet your needs can be a pain.

Luckily we have made your search easier by providing reviews that you can refer to if you want more information about a certain product before coming to a decision. For our first review, we will discuss what makes T-Fal’s E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Fry Pan special.


  • Includes the company’s distinctive T-fal Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator
  • Has durable and scratch-resistant Prometal Pro non-tick interiors
  • Safe for use with a metal utensil
  • Includes stainless steel disc for a balanced heat distribution
  • Has anti-warping protection
  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Over safe for up to 400° Fahrenheit
  • Safe for every cooking method which also includes induction cooking


The T-fal E93808 has displayed an exceptional performance when it comes to cooking with a selection of foods from fried foods down to sautéed meats and veggies. It is a snap to clean between cooking since it will only require users to wipe the item down with paper towels during batch cooking. It is also capable of cooking faster compared with similar pans.

Customers who appreciated the item’s performance shared that they think the fast cooking and even heating of the pan was excellent, and its non-stick performance delivered as well. Customers liked that they only need a little oil on the item, and this leads to healthier cooking.

The pan has a nice shape and it has great proportions. It has a bigger cooking area and low, slightly inclined sides—the design makes it advantageous for cooking a selection of dishes. Comfort is always key when it comes to pans, and this model provides it; the pan’s padded silicon handle is a great addition.

Cleaning after each use it also simple since the item is dishwasher safe, but many customers were mostly into hand washing the item; they don’t mind the hand washing method since the pan is not too heavy nor flimsy.

The pan has a very minimalistic design and it only comes in one color, which is black. When it comes to its non-stick coating though, we give the pan high points for its excellence.

The finish is capable of enduring dishwasher usage and metal utensils thanks to its Prometal Pro non-stick properties. While there are a few customers who shared that their pans took to lasting a number of years, that is a long time for a non-stick pan.

Another great point about this model is the lifetime warranty, a fact that the company has complete trust that their product works effectively.


There were customers who noticed that the pan has an obvious hot spot in its middle section, and this issue might be connected to the complaint that the bottom of the item tends to bow upwards whenever it is heated, which then leads to oil trickling to its edges.

There are many assumptions though that the problem is a manufacturing issue. If this problem occurs, you can always contact the company’s customer service and make a complaint.

The pan is also an uncommon 12.5” model and regular 12” pan covers might not fit the item. There were also a few customers who complained that the heat indicator can be a bit confusing.


T-Fal’s E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Fry Pan is the item for you if you want a non-stick pan that is versatile when it comes to cooking a variety of foods. It excels really well in terms of non-stick properties; thus, despite a few negatives, this is still worth the purchase.

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