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Tramontina 80114/535DS Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan Review

Tramontina Professional restaurant fry pan

Looking for a good nonstick frying pan? Let us introduce you to Tramontina’s 80114/535DS Professional Nonstick model. For individuals who love to cook, Tramontina is one of the trusted brands available who design and manufacture nonstick cookware.

Nonstick cookware is the choice among many cooks and foodies these days due to the benefits they bring. It promotes healthier cooking which is why for many who are into a clean-living lifestyle, a nonstick frying pan is a must.

This review will concentrate on the 80114/535DS model from the company, and we are going to provide you information and our own opinions on whether this one is really worth the buy.


  • Made with durable, NFS-certified commercial-grade 3004 aluminum
  • Has PFOA-free nonstick, strengthened coating
  • Has triple-riveted cast stainless steel handle
  • Has removable soft-grip silicon sleeves
  • Oven safe (for up to 400° F or 204° C)
  • Compatible with electric, ceramic, and gas cooking tops
  • Made in the US with imported parts


This fry pan is built with commercial-grade, durable aluminum for a longer lifespan. Tramontina is a brand known for its premium properties, and this model makes the grade. Its parts are imported from other locations, but it is totally manufactured in the USA, hence you will know it has first-rate quality. The pan is stylish and for most customers, it is easy to use.

The nonstick coating of the pan assists you in cooking food with as little oil as possible. We tested the item by using the fried egg method and the nonstick properties of the pan did the job wonderfully; the egg slid easily and did not stick, which makes it a product that does what it promises.

The aluminum of the pan is quite thick and its strengthened PFOA-free eclipse coating is capable of handling foods that are notorious for sticking to pan surfaces. You won’t have to provide any additional effort in guarding your food to keep it from sticking.

The pan can be used by beginners and advanced cooks. It has an easy-to-clean surface and you can use a bit of dishwasher soap on it with a plastic spatula to clean it up. If you are more into dishwashers, you can clean it this way, since it is dishwasher friendly as well.

If you want to make the item last, make sure that you do not use high heat settings on the pan since it can damage nonstick coatings. To safeguard its finish, it is recommended that you clean the pan after each use. It will also help if you add just a tiny amount of oil to the pan before cooking.

This is a nonstick model that will suit a number of cooking tops from electric and gas, down to ceramic. As for its other good points, customers pointed out what they loved about the product: It is made with commercial grade tough aluminum material; is made in the USA; easy to handle and use; a breeze to clean and is dishwasher friendly; suits several common cooking tops; and it can be placed in the oven for up to 400° Fahrenheit. Others also appreciated that the item is backed by a lifetime warranty.


There were some negatives regarding this Tramontina product. For one, customers took note of the fact that it is not compatible with induction cooking. There were also disappointed customers who complained that the item did not come with a lid. While the item is dishwasher safe, a majority of customers would rather wash the item by hand.


The Tramontina 80114/535DS nonstick frying pan model is something that you should consider if you are on the lookout for a nonstick pan. It has the benefits that nonstick pans provide— healthier cooking due to less oil use. It has a coating that does what it promises, and it works well in that category. Do not forget to check this one out and see whether this one will fit your needs.

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